Sunday, October 7, 2007

stream of thought: modernism and postmodernism in art

Postmodernism is a term, which gets 'bandied about' so much that it seems meaningless, if not at times highly controvercial to discuss. One thing i find fascinating in researching it (and all of its many fascets, the many opinions and discourses about it), is that it often seems, in a strange way, to relate much more INTENTIONALLY with humanity and the human condition. While modernist art realated to the viewer through aesthetics, postmodernism said/says "hey! look at this! look at these issues! what about women, and war, and technology...!" However, i feel that regardless of whether you are looking at a cavepainting, a Monet, or mulling over the intensity of a Chris Burton performance art piece, Art has the power to create waves and alter human consciousness.

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